Kellie offers some thoughts on what the TV series “Better Call Saul” would look like if Saul were a real estate agent instead of a lawyer.

“Tuco” might break your leg if you cancel you cannot close on time. Not to worry, an agent can still make it to closing with one good leg.

An agent could get their nails done and enter a  house in the MLS at the same time. Many real estate agents are very good at multi-tasking.

An agent might have a client who answers the door wrapped in their “space blanket” It’s possible, this may have already happened once or twice to someone.

An agent might talk themselves up in the bathroom before a listing presentation. Everyone needs a little alone time to prepare.

An agent might get “felonied” for picking the wrong client. When the relationship goes south, a felony can feel like a viable alternative.

“YOU WILL ATONE” for putting your foot in your mouth by suggesting that a client replace that pink carpeting that  granny picked out for the house.

An agent might have a “Mike” or “Huel” as their assistants.  They both seem nice enough, right?

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