Last week, I had the opportunity to attend the ERA International Business Conference (IBC).

The Albuquerque team and I at IBC in Dallas. I never realized how short I was until this picture.

The conference took place in the “Big D” as some call it. Dallas, Texas to others. As they say, “everything’s bigger in Texas!” The conference lived up to the phrase.

Although I have attended conferences before, this was my first IBC event. I had heard good and bad feedback about past events so I had no expectations of what to expect. My hope was to be able to, at a minimum, take a tip or two back to my fellow agents. In addition, I enjoy Dallas so I hoped to soak in some of the sites of the city.

What I did not expect was that I would learn as much content as I did about own self. 

I’ve been guilty of feeling alone on occasion on my journey in real estate. Some of it is likely attributed to the fact that I am a closet perfectionist, slight introvert (believe it or not), and a classic over-achiever. There are many times I get stuck in my own head where I feel like my struggle is mine alone. Meeting other brokers and even connecting with my colleagues, I was reminded that my struggle is not unique. There are others with similar experiences and we should do more to support each other.

If you want something, you are the only one who can make it happen.

#DreamBigERA, IBC Dallas, 2017

Dreaming big was the theme this year. With the grind and pressure that the real estate industry kindly gives out what feels like daily; one can feel defeated over time.

I admit. Sometimes, I feel defeated. We all do. I’ve often questioned my dreams, thinking I need to be doing something because everyone else is doing it.  I have been in and out of my passion for helping people succeed in real estate. It’s human to admit you feel stuck. It’s painful to think you’re stuck there with nowhere to go.

Why have I been in and out of love lately? An emotional struggle. Fear. Being an innovator is scary. Being a leader is scary. The rewards of stepping outside of the emotion are far greater than remaining stuck. I need to remember that no one else will carve out my own future for me. If I want it, make it happen.

Opportunity awaits me

ERA has a new CEO, Sue Yannaccone. To some, this may not be big news. To me, and the other women in leadership that I know, it is an opportunity.

Sue understands the direction of today’s consumer, the needs of today’s agent and the direction of the real estate industry. She understands these changes are opportunities for new ideas. Sue understands there is room for innovation in real estate. She speaks of it with conviction and no fear.

Why do I see this as an opportunity? It’s an opportunity for me to remember that I have a message too. I’ve often questioned myself, “Am I old enough”, “Do I have enough experience?” “Am I crazy?” Maybe. Maybe not. Regardless, I too have a message.

I can either seize the opportunity I have to spread my message or let the opportunity knock on another door.


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