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8 listing presentation tips for the first-time real estate agent

What to do before, during and after your first listing appointment

3 behaviors of the committed (and noncommittal) homebuyer

These red flags or signs of preparedness can help agents determine whether a lead is ready for the green light

5 things agents should never let their clients do at showings

A list of five forbidden mistakes real estate agents and their clients should not make in a seller’s home.

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10 Perfect Housewarming Gifts For Your Clients

– Get these new homeowners started out on the right foot

How to Keep Your Composure When Real Estate Clients Lose Their Cool

– You’re expected to remain cool in every scenario

4 Ginormous Questions New Agents Ask After School

– What they don’t know, but are desperate to find out

4 Lessons Learned About Business From Vacationing in Japan

– Respect and high-quality customer service goes a long way

4 Ways to Fight the Real Estate Stigma

– Plus outside-the-box Marketing Ideas and Examples

5 Hilariously Awkward Real Estate Moments

– The reality of real estate can be unpredictable

3 Steps to Guiding Clients Through Home Inspections and Repairs

– Negotiating is all about give and take

4 Steps to Help Home Buyers Stay on Task

– Strong leadership helps buyers stay the course

4 Ways to Secure your Consumer Value as a Real Estate Agent

– In this ever changing market, showing customers our worth is vital to our business

A Letter to my Former Self, the Fledgling Agent

– Kellie looks back to when she was a new agent and gives some advice

Lessons for Real Estate Start Success Start in the Sandbox

– It isn’t always easy, but the golden rule must apply in real estate relationships

 10 Painful Realities About The Foreclosure Process

– What buyers should know before making the decision to buy

 4 Agent Skills that put Homebuyers’ Emotions at Ease

– How to keep calm and carry on

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Projects with Results you can Enjoy while Selling Your Home

– Add value to your home and enjoy your efforts while you sell it

Stay Safe while Selling Your Home

– Your life is on display when you are selling your home. These tips will keep you safe.

Pricing Mistakes Sellers Make

– Don’t put yourself at risk with these mistakes when it comes to listing your home for sale.

Questions to ask Your Next Real Estate Agent

– Choosing the right real estate agent can make all the difference.

Important Home Inspections

A home inspection is an important part of the home buying process.

Be better prepared for your home purchase

Homeownership is rewarding and for many, considered the american dream.

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