Emotions run high in the real estate industry

Emotions run on high all the time in the real estate industry. It’s the biggest investment most people make in their lives.

No only do you have a your client’s emotions, but you have a other agents, lenders, title people and repair people to tend to; the list can be almost endless. Client’s feel they should get their money’s worth, that an agent needs to earn their pay. They are right, their money should warrant them good representation, a good experience and smooth transaction.

I think our clients (or the general public) can have reservations or fear about the what their agent is supposed to do for them. After all, they probably have heard the horror stories about things that go wrong during a transaction, or how their agent didn’t do anything to earn their commission.

For this reason, agents (I’ve been guilty too) do not set clear boundaries with their clients, leaving them without a clear picture of what to expect. The usual result, chaos ensues and everyone is unhappy. Because of this, I think agent’s tend overcompensate by trying to do what they feel is above and beyond to the point of being run ragged. Client’s overcompensate by pushing the limits and testing their agent’s boundaries, so to speak.

To “earn our pay” as agent’s; my colleagues and I have been asked or have experienced the following:

A colleague was asked by her client to mow the lawn of the listing so the seller would not have to pay someone to mow it and would not be fined by their HOA.

My friend (who is also an agent) and I were showing a home together to a potential client, child in tow. The kid was not getting enough attention (babysitting was apparently in the job description this day) so the kid in question picked up a stick and proceeded to pummel my coworker with it while she was on the phone.

A colleague’s client asked them to clean their house and move furniture because they didn’t have time and could not get their adult child living at home to do it.

I was once asked by a tenant of my seller to sit and wait during a four hour window for a plumber because the tenant had to go work.

We are regularly asked to cut commissions because we “make all that money” at the end of the sale.

Earning our pay is consulting and ethically representing our client’s interests. It’s the job of myself or any good agent to provide you with all the information so the client can make the best decision for their financial situation. Sure, most good agent’s will go the extra mile to market a house, but all parties to a transaction need to know what the expectations of the relationship and the transaction are.

The relationship and trust is where the real value is for both the client and the agent. For me, t’s about building a relationship and building trust as an advisor to my client’s. It is about earning our pay and going above and beyond. Above and beyond is being the best marketer and best market advisor you can be. Being the best advisor to your client’s you can be. Being your client’s advocate.

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