The new relationship between client and agent is a mating call of sorts.

The initial excitement of the new client/agent relationship takes over in the same way that the passion of a new relationship takes over your mind and body. You are excited at the prospect that you are the one who can make a positive impact in the other’s life. You are excited to help your new client embark on this new endeavor.

As you begin your journey with each other, the territory is fresh and new. You are trying to figure out the needs and roles of one another. You are excited about this new endeavor and everyone is trying to figure out what his or her role in the new relationship will be.

You have yet to notice, the wife borders on being unstable and isn’t happy with anything you propose as a viable option for their housing needs. You have yet to notice that their five children can’t seem to behave or keep their hands off other people’s possessions when you are showing your new exciting relationship, houses. You try to overlook the fact that their little darlings tried to drown the seller’s cat in the kitchen sink. You overlook these things because after all, its part of the process and it’s your job to make their dreams come true.

The relationship progresses, and you find yourself wanting out. By house number 50, you just want them to pick something, so all is right with the world again. You think back to the time when the relationship was new and exciting. Now, you wonder what your life would have been like without them. You are left wondering if it was worth it. Feelings of despair take over. The despair of a smoker, experiencing withdrawals as he or she contemplates having one drag off that cigarette whose fragrance you inhale as a smoker passes you by. So you too, contemplate a new relationship, a new career, a new life.

The end arrives. A feeling of immense relief takes over. The process is over. You both are excited to move on. You are grateful for the experience and for everything you have learned. They are satisfied. You are satisfied.

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