We are rapidly approaching the new year. Now is the time to take a look at your business and review your goals and objectives for 2017. The work you do now will be your paycheck three months from now. What steps are you going to take to build your business in 2017?

Many agents spend the majority of their time managing their transactions. As a result, this leaves agents with financial highs and lows in their business model. Many agents struggle with creating systems to bring in new business. Many agents focus their efforts in areas they are not comfortable with. Work on putting your systems in place now do that you can be deliberate with your marketing efforts in 2017.

Consider incorporating the following activities into your business planning efforts next year: 

  • Evaluating your niche client group;
  • Pick two or three marketing platforms to reach your target group and master them.

Many traditional businesses focus their marketing efforts on their target market and are consistent and deliberate in their efforts. Your real estate business should be no different. Consider focusing your efforts on two or three marketing mediums, learn everything you can about them and work to master them. This will keep you from becoming overwhelmed and will allow you to provide valuable and well thought out content to your clients.

A simple plan and system will allow you to be consistent, quantify your efforts and gauge where you might need to make changes to your marketing plan. As you gauge your efforts, do not be afraid to change what is not working and do more of what is working well for you.

Remember, what you do now, will pay you 90 days from now. Consider improving your momentum now, so you will have a better opportunity to be busy when spring arrives.

Finally, let’s cheers to more business and a better paycheck in 2017!

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