I wrote this last year after meeting with a client who was going through a rough time. As I now train new agents, I try to teach them that real estate is much more than a sales job. It’s a people business. At the end of the day, the people we serve matter.

Everything that glitters is gold. The market is always hopping, everything is great. We’re always so busy we can’t keep up. The new shiny listing, the lush landscaping, the perfect seller or buyer situation. The facade the public sees.

What the public doesn’t see is what is behind the door. The people behind the door.

Behind the door can be many things. Foreclosure, loss of hope, a new beginning. Behind the doors are stories. Stories that are happy, stories that are sad, some stories you want to forget.

These are stories of ordinary people who have gone through life experiences that could easily be knocking at our own doorstep. Stories of people who have created their own hardship, and stories of those who never saw it coming.

It’s our job to market properties, present a product that can compete, a product that will sell. We don’t advertise what hangs behind the door. Moves may be bittersweet, selling a home may be necessary to avoid financial distress. Behind the door may be excitement. Behind the door may be revenge.  

What lies behind the door can be rewarding, sometimes bittersweet and sometimes frustrating beyond comprehension.

Behind every door lies a new story.

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