Open houses are still a fundamental marketing tool for real estate agents. With careful planning and execution, an open house can be a great lead generation tool for agents.

Looking to turn your next open house into a lead generating magnet, consider these five out of the box marketing ideas for your next open house event.

Promote your open house with a Facebook Live video

Videos are not utilized enough so why not consider using the medium as a way to promote your open house. Create an advertising campaign to push your open house over the course of a week. Include in your message that you will be live streaming during a specific time. Couple your event with a giveaway or inexpensive “SWAG” in the form of a drawing or as part of your live stream promotion.

Door knock 10-20 homes around your open house 1-2 days before your open

Neighbors want their friends and family to move to their area. Neighbors will also become sellers at some point and time. If you are hosting an open house in an area you farm, this could be a great way to network with residents living in the area.

Create a special invitation for the neighbors you invite. Allow them to preview the home an hour before your actual open house starts. Consider a special giveaway, or special item that is exclusive to the neighbors that you invite.

Give away branded items with longevity

Branded items that have a shelf life are a great marketing tool. For example, grocery shopper bags are an inexpensive item that can serve several purposes. Fill the bags with property information, snacks or even a small gift and give them away to everyone who attends your event.

While those who attend your open house may not buy that home, they will walk away with a useful item that has your name all over it.

Themed open houses and giveaways

Does the house that you are marketing have a special feature that you can publicize? For instance, if the property has a media room, serve popcorn with “thanks for popping by” property tags. Take it a step further by including attendees in a drawing for a pair of free movie tickets.

If you are marketing a home in an art community, invite local artists to showcase their work during your event. Or, invite a local musician to perform a small showcase during your open house.

Partner with a local business 

Can you partner with a local business and help each other? Ask local restaurants if they can sponsor a food dish for your event, or provide a coupon that you can give away to attendees.

If the property you are marketing is vacant team up with a local interior designer. Have the designer stage a consultation during the open house to show visitors how to decorate and use the house space.  

Open a house and your heart for a good cause

Consider partnering with a local charity to support a cause at your open house event. For example, if your open house is around the holidays, sponsor a canned food drive at your open house and give all donations to your local food bank.  

School supply drives are also popular. For open houses in the summer and late fall, organize and host a school supply drive at your open house event.

Remember, your prospecting efforts will be useless if you do not have a good follow-up plan for your leads. You may need to try different approaches to get a feel for what is comfortable and working for you.

For instance, an agent in my office found success with open houses because she would study the neighborhood and show other homes in the area. You may find success by creating an individualized follow-up plan.

The key is to find what works and stick to it. If something doesn’t work, don’t be afraid to change it. 

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