Busy real estate agents are always looking for programs to make their jobs more efficient and quick. As a result, I have tried hundreds of programs and apps in efforts to streamline my business. I have found many great programs and a few that I have long forgotten. 

Are you looking for a few new programs to systemize your real estate business? Here are three programs I have use and love. 


Skyslope is a real estate transaction management program that will change your life. The program allows you to manage the files for your transactions in one place. You can also store email and text message correspondence alongside your contract files. This puts all your information in one place.  One great feature I love is each file gets an email address, so you can forward documents to Skyslope from your email and deal with it later. It also has a user-friendly mobile app, in case you need information on the go.


Canva is a graphic design program for “dummies”. The program has a free program and a paid upgrade for team use that runs a little under $13.00 per month. I found the free program met my needs just fine.

There are hundreds of “plug and play” templates for different types of marketing materials. There are thousands of high-quality stock photos that a user can access, many of them free of charge. In the event you do pay for a photo, there is a nominal fee of $1.00 for a one-time user license.


Slydial is a timesaver when you have several calls to return, but not enough time to chat.  Currently, the app only works with mobile numbers and will not work if you are calling a landline. A Slydial user has the ability to send a caller straight to a person’s voicemail. Even though you have to listen to a short ad before your call is connected, it is free and easy to use.

I’d love to know what real estate related apps or programs you have used in your business. Add your recommendations in the comments below.

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